Blood sugar more than 10

What to do when the level of sugar is 15 and higher Glycaemia jumps adversely affect the patient's state of health, cause complications and can cause coma. In severe cases, this leads to death or disability of patients.

Fructose, FitParad or Stevia

Can I give my child fructose instead of sugar? Fructose is also called fruit sugar, since this monosaccharide is present in large quantities in berries and fruits. The substance is much sweeter than ordinary refined, it becomes an indispensable product in cooking.

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How to increase growth after 25 years

How to increase a person’s growth at home People often suffer from short stature, especially men. However, the problem can be helped, and without special financial costs, but only by correctly making efforts.

Systemic or generalized atherosclerosis

Generalized atherosclerosis: what is it and what is its feature? In the modern world, they are increasingly talking about the problem of atherosclerosis and its connection with the occurrence of ischemic stroke and myocardial infarction.

Allergy to insulin

How a rash appears on the palms, hands and feet of a child. For the treatment of allergies, our readers successfully use Alergyx. Seeing the popularity of this product, we decided to offer it to your attention.